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Jan 21, 2023Liked by The Rational Walk

Hi, it saddens me to learn that you will not be continuing with the Weekly Digest. I have found it tremendously useful and look forward to reading it every week. Similar to Tom, the individual deep dives are of little value to me. I understand that this has not been an easy decision for you but would really love to see your curated reading content. Would you perhaps, consider a reduced frequency of the digest ( bi-weekly instead of weekly) or a leaned down version of the digest ?

Appreciate the great work you've been doing :)

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Jan 20, 2023Liked by The Rational Walk

Hi, I only recently discovered you, via a friend. The Weekly Digest is actually the reason I subscribed (and was considering upgrading). The deep dives into individual names are of little value to me, as I don’t do much individual stock investing outside my own core (supposed!) competencies. Your Digest is superb. I will miss it.

PS. After 42 years in this business the psychology of it is what I find fascinating. You quote Kahneman. Few even know who he is. Kudos.

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Thank you for the mention, and for all of the great work that you do yourself!

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Jan 19, 2023Liked by The Rational Walk

Appreciate the shoutout sir, thank you!

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