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Regarding Propublica’s article on Buffett, I have come to read articles on subjects I know well as barometers on editorial quality. I have been a student of Buffett for over 45 years now, and this article, which I only read this morning, is clear evidence of Propublica’s editorial search for a biased story and not a search for understanding. I hope Warren will respond.

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Working hard is not all it's made out to be. After getting kicked out of community college twice and otherwise being a 'loser' for years, from age 18-24 roughly, I got my act together. I finally got a corporate job at a startup and was taking online/night classes. I got promoted to manager while doing this.

This set me up for the subsequent years, but I wasn't happy.

I now earn $$$ online and base myself internationally, but primarily in Latin America. I work 'hard' by local standards, but have adapted to local customs of working to live as well, not the other way.

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Sometimes it takes time to figure out what you want to do. I didn't do very well in high school (it was boring) except in a business class taught by a great teacher. I went to a community college, transferred to a much better four year school, and graduated summa cum laude. Then I busted my ass in software for over a decade which earned me financial independence (nowhere near Elon! But enough) but it did not buy not happiness. Chasing money thinking that it will buy happiness is one of the most common mistakes. It's because it seems so unbelievable that money does NOT buy happiness. I would never have believed it in my 20s or 30s. But look at Elon for proof. 52 and by all accounts a very miserable man.

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I have a similar path - transferred to a state school with a well-known business program. Only took me 12 years to get my 'four year' degree, but it had name recognition.

I chased money because I always worked warehouse and manufacturing jobs, making less than $12/hour for years. Then after doing my time in the corporate world, ending with four years in aerospace/NASA earning good money. But it wasn't my purpose.

The FIRE movement helped me prioritize investments and savings to set myself up now and in the future, but living abroad helped me realize there's more to life.

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