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I loved this article because I have exactly the same experience with running, reading, and writing. Including writing complete articles in my head while running in a flow state.

When people ask me for running tips I always say that the thing about running is that it always sucks in the beginning, and this applies both to the first 3 months of running and to the first mile or so of every run. I will certainly use the sentence "inertia must be overcome before meaningful progress can be made" next time.

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I loved to run but only after I decided I did not have to race myself. What I mean is until I was about 35, every time I went for a run, I either had to run faster or longer than the previous. Finally I decided I would run the way I feel. So if I felt great ,I would run 7 or 8 miles. Some days I would only run 3 miles. Listen to your body--it will tell you what to do.

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