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Excellent post. I've used an Oura ring for years now, and it's led to improvements in sleep and readiness. A Keyto ketone monitor has proven quite helpful for maintaining fat-burn on my intermittent fasting regimen. Have used Garmin with chest band and apps to monitor running. Concur fully with the notion that wearable technology can help maintain and improve health and fitness. But if my experience is any indication, it takes quite a bit of study to understand the meaning and implications of the readouts as well as how to set goals and practices.

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Enjoyed reading this post. I've just about worn out our stationary bike I bought in an estate sale about 10 years ago so will be getting a new one soon. One funny thing happened on the treadmill I had before the one I have now. It actually caught on fire when I was using it but I pulled the plug from the receptacle and the flames went out. I probably did not keep the belt lubricated enough.

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